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The Duke’s Guide To Romance

The Gentlemen Authors. Book One.

Sophie Barnes has created a light, enjoyable romp in Regency England with A Duke’s Guide to Romance when she takes a tried and true formula, turns it around, then adds the easy to love characters Ada Quinn and the beleaguered Anthony Gibbs, Duke of Westcliffe as they discover the way to love, through the pages of a book.

Ada likes to live a very quiet life behind the scenes or rather the books in her beloved Uncle’s Bookshop, Between the Pages. She enjoys reading and carrying out her work as a bookbinder for her Uncle. What she does not enjoy is that should she be caught, not only working in the bookstore but reading the books she, along with her Uncle could very easily be ostracised from Society.

That would not bother her unduly but it would have a detrimental effect on her Uncle’s business. Then along comes Mr Gibbs, who really can’t afford to buy any more books as he is in financial distress. He enters the bookstore to brows the stock. Ada thinks is a closed shop and is looking for a book to read when one falls on her head.

One small chance meeting goes on to be the creative force behind the Duke and his friends, who have spent most of their inheritances on living the fast life, in the wake of their collective father’s passing. They are all desperate to find a means to making some serious money.

Jane Austen’s death has left a gap in the ‘romance’ market and after a considerably lengthy and fascinating conversation, Ada suggest that perhaps the Duke writes a romance novel! This leads he and his friends to take up the challenge, only to realise it is far harder than they think.

Well-constructed with a somewhat quirky plot line A Dukes Guide to Romance is the perfect antidote to cold wet afternoons or for a long lazy day on the beach. It is captivating, charming and sets the scene well for the further romances to follow, as the Duke’s friends are still searching for a way to solve their financial difficulties.

Sophie Barnes has included a very tantalising teaser at the end of the book.

Author Sophie Barnes
Publisher Independently published
ISBN 9798397603829
Distributor Amazon/Netgalley
Released August 2023