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The Ex Factor

This is a story about relationships: old, new, maybe, definitely and would love to.

This is about a group of friends who, after Marina publishes her feature article on First Loves, come back together at the New Year’s Eve reunion in France hosted by Katie Thomlinson, popular girl in the group and now a big headline fashion designer and business woman.

This is a story about how each one of the group looks backward at what could have been, forward to what may be and the consequences of their actions.

Marina is an up-and coming journalist who has the luxury of writing a Guest Column for one of London’s Tabloids. She is married, not to her first love but to her second love Mark – a Surgeon.

Katie is a Fashion designer of World Acclaim who is never quite satisfied in her totally perfect world- a world that enslaves her. Perfectionism is something she seeks and makes sure she has at all costs. But there is something missing.

“Can your first love still make you go week at the knees and lust for what may have been or should it stay as a memory”? This is the question Marina, Katie, Tom and Mark all have to ask themselves as they revisit their First Loves at the reunion and take the first inevitable step into finding out whether their First Love was “The One” or not.

Set in modern day London this is a light hearted read about relationships – Yep you got it – that makes you chuckle, lets you have a trip down memory lane and ends in a very surprising manner! Enjoyable, reminiscent and fun Frith Powell uses a light hand to take a tilt at the very real world of “not everything you want is good or you”, especially when you are looking back to your first true love”!

AuthorHelena Frith Powell
PublisherGibson Square