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The Lace Balcony

The story is one based on love, love lost and choices; the choices that in the early days of settlement in Australia could make or break you, or earn you a reputation many would envy and others would scorn.

When Fanny Byron arrives in Australia in 1827 it is with the intent to start life anew; just one step ahead of being sent to Newgate Prison, she truly believes the little she has managed to save will make a big difference in this new land.

Meeting and befriending a priest also travelling to Australia on the City of Edinburgh, she pins her hopes on the offer he will look out for her in this new place, but on following up discovers her friend has been moved on to another location.

Meanwhile she manages to not only befriend, but become married to a young man about to be hanged. So begins Fanny’s new life in a new country.

Her rare beauty is to be her passport into a world of intrigue, politics, corruption and power, which will eventually find two young men falling deeply in love with her – both brothers: both so terribly, terribly different.

This is Fanny’s story of survival in a raw, new country, lessons learned and regrets firmly put where they belong, in the past, in her struggle simply to survive and to try to keep her honour intact.

Well written it is a story of passion and the price that often has to be paid.

The Lace Balcony makes a great summer read, set in the very early days of life in Australia when you did what you did simply to survive and nothing was as it seemed.

AuthorJohanna Nicholls
PublisherSimon & Schuster