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The Lost Letters of Ireland

Suzanne O’Leary has crafted a warm-fussy story based around the complex mother daughter relationship in The Lost Letters of Ireland that will warm the heart and is perfect for a weekend read when a little time out is required. It is a stand-alone read but is also a continuation in the Sandy Cove series.

Edwina is facing burnout; she has finally pushed everything one step two far and is reaping the cost of making a monumental mess in her position as fashion icon and buyer for the prestigious store Brown Thomas. She decides to leave before she is sacked!

At the end of a massive hangover, she realises it is time to perhaps make a fresh start doing something very different, but has no idea what!  A long-time friend talks her into purchasing a row of cottages in need of renovation in the small village of Sandy Cove, tucked away on the Irish Coast.

Taking up the challenge of renovating the Cottages she realises that will need more money than she has in her trust fund and approaches her Mother to help out, which begins a process of healing and understanding between the two women which neither ever though would be possible.

The area holds along associate with Edwina and her family, but for Edwina the association comes with anything but good memories. Her brother and his family live there and she, in so many ways, longs to be closer to him and the children, but feels she went too far over the sale of the family house some years before. There are bad memories there.

As the days pass and she is eventually on her way to her new life, Edwina’s doubts increase at what she has begun and truly wonders if perhaps this time she has finally gone one step too far. On another level she is determined to make a success of the project and prove she is more than a social butterfly.

Sandy Cove is a place filled with the magic of Ireland, a place where perhaps miracles can and often do happen. As the pages turn it is so very easy to fall in love with the residents of Sandy Cove as they go about their daily life in a very small seaside village. Secrets are almost impossible to keep and gossip, no matter how outlandish, is the currency of the day.

A lovely light page turner, The Lost Letters of Ireland will charm its way to your heart as Edwina, and her family find a heart-warming way forward, new love arrives and tragedies of the past are finally put to rest.

Author Suzanne O'Leary
Publisher Bookouture
ISBN 9781803147338
Distributor Netgalley
Released October 2022