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The McCalister Legacy

The old saying ‘Never look back’ is true in Berry McCalister’s case. Looking back brings nothing but immense sorrow laced with sadness and although the tragedy that saw her parent and grandparents killed in what appeared to be a murder suicide occurred many years ago, there are still many questions that may never, ever find an answer.

The family property needs to be either sold or renovated, so Berry McCalister decides to return to Harlington for one last look, which she hopes will help her and her siblings come to the right decision. Jess and Tom are all for the sale of their parents property but  Berry wants to make sure it is the right thing to do and that perhaps returning will help settle a few of the ghosts that still haunt her from time to time.

Arriving in Harlington she heads out to the house and is overwhelmed by the emotions of the past, so much so that she makes the decision to stop in town for a little longer, taking a room at a lovely B&B in town.

Well established big land holders the Tarant’s hold the land on the neighbouring property, Tarantale Downs, a noted horse stud. The Tarant’s had once been close to Berry’s family; Nate was Berry’s childhood crush. When he notices a small red car parked outside the old McCalister property he stops to find out what is going on, surprised to see Berry at the property.

Decisions need to be made for the future and very slowly Berry comes to the conclusion that the house needs to be restored, and ghosts need to be set free before they can move on with their lives. This decision sets off a train of events which will shatter the myths held about a rich gold vein somewhere on the McCalister property and reveal the truth about her parents and grandparents deaths.

Can she and Nate build on the tragedy of the past, take a chance on building a future together and accept that sometimes, looking back is the only way to be able to move forward.

Nicole Hurley-Moore has once again created a wonderful, rich tale in The McCalister Legacy with Berry confronting the devastation of tragedy, the very real desire to discover the truth and the healing power of love to be able to accept the past and begin to build a new future with the love of her life, Nate.

The McCalister Legacy is heart-warming, captivating and absolutely perfect for a cold, wet, winters day snuggled up in front of the fire.

Author Nicole Hurley-Moore
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760875541
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released August 2020