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The Rivertown Vet

 Jennifer Scoullar, best-selling author of Australian rural fiction, latest book, ‘The Rivertown Vet’ will not disappoint readers. In this page turning novel, she has incorporated not only her deep appreciation and respect for the natural world, but also her extensive knowledge of Australian wildlife.

While helping her sister run ‘Odessa’ a wombat sanctuary on their family’s tranquil property by the Murray River in South Australia, vet Jana Malinski is rescued by the man, who not only broke her teenage heart but also invertedly caused her family’s life to drastically change.

When he offers her the opportunity to run Wildfell Park, the town’s zoo, which having fallen into ruin was doomed for closure, she has to make a decision; decline the opportunity of a lifetime or put the angst of past aside and work alongside her nemesis.

While she fights the undeniable attraction between this handsome single Dad, accountant, someone is undermining her work and threatening the very survival of Wildfell Park. 

The author has not only created a slow-burn enemies-to-lovers romance, but also a ‘who done it’, in this delightful tale of forgiveness and community. While readers are engaged in the story of Jana and Mark, they are also gaining a greater understanding of the current debate about the benefits of keeping wild animals in captivity.

Author Jennifer Scoullar
Publisher Penguin Random House. Imprint Michael Joseph
ISBN 9781761342455
Distributor Booktopia/Amazon
Released April 2024