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Who Do You Love

This is a love story that begins when two seriously compromised children of eight years meet. They are both in hospital. There is Rachel who is recovering from serious heart surgery, and Andy who has broken his arm falling off a balcony. His Mum is off gambling and so he has taken himself to hospital.

As they meet in outpatients (Rachel is bored and has wandered around the hospital corridors), they form a close bond. There is an instant recognition and understanding between the two, made more meaningful as Andy is in pain and Rachel tells him stories to keep his mind occupied. Their meeting is brief but unforgettable.

As they grow up, there are obstacles for both of them. Rachel’s mother is super protective and careful, and tries to wrap her in cotton wool. They have a very comfortable life style. Andy’s mother is desperately trying to pay the household bills, and any spare money she has, goes on a little flutter rather than new shoes for her child. Their backgrounds could not be any further apart. If it was not for a kindly man down the street, Andy would have been in serious trouble.

The two meet again at a teenage camp, and become very close very quickly. Undoubtedly there is a close bond, and mutual feelings of love, but many practical issues separate the pair. The next time the two meet is when they are older. Rachel is at college, and Andy has won a scholarship for running. They become a serious item, but at this stage still lack the maturity to work through issues of culture and religion.

They fall out and go their separate ways, but meet again at a later stage of life.

Perhaps now, with the love they still share, they can use the experience they have gained over the years to make a shared life a peaceful reality.

AuthorJennifer Weiner
PublisherAtria Books