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All the Stars and Teeth

Magic and its wondrous powers are the drivers in this Fantasy fiction All the Stars and Teeth from Adalyn Grace, a storyline beloved of fantasy fans that leaves the imagination to the luxury of dressing the themes and surrounds as the reader chooses.

While the storyline, like much fantasy, is not new, the way in which Adalyn Grace weaves the tale is captivating and enchanting.  Effectively, Princess Amora Montara is facing the biggest challenge of her life, as she has had to master some of the most dangerous magic in the Kingdom in order to secure her place to the throne.

Facing her final test things go terribly, horribly and dangerously wrong, forcing her to accept the help of Bastian, the captain of what appears to be a Pirate Ship; a strange but gloriously beautiful ship but a ship without a crew.

Bastian and Amora join forces and a rollicking, but treacherous and dangerous journey begins to save not just Amora Montara and the future of her country Visidia, but also Bastion’s land, that of Zudoh.

Kavan is the man causing most of the problems, with a new and powerfully destructive magic. When Amora realises her father the King has not told her everything she needed to know to understand her magic, the magic she needs to master, she and Bastian decide the only way forward for them both, is to take up the challenge to face pure evil.

As the days pass on board the Pirate ship, Amora also begins to realise that life outside the Kingdom of Vasidia holds a strong fascination for her, as does the life of a Pirate. All the Star and Teeth has a little bit of everything; danger, evil, romance, power and monsters woven into the story, which ultimately makes for a fascinating time out in Fantasy land.

Author Adalyn Grace
Publisher Titan Publishing Group
ISBN 9781789094060
Distributor New South Books
Released August 2020