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Dead, Actually

Popularity, intrigue, love, romance with a dash of blackmail and a crush? Are you ready for Kaz Delaney’ Dead Actually?

Welcome to Ruth Throsby High School where someone is about to die.

Willow is having a bad week, first she stumbles across a car accident; finding the dead body of the most popular girl in school. Then the gossip starts and Willow’s life becomes a whole lot more complicated. Now she’s keeping company with a very demanding ghost who clearly has unfinished business.

Follow Willow as she sets about discovering how JoJo Grayson (“A” lister, manipulator and bitch) died and who is causing trouble with the other “A” listers. High School has never been such a minefield, especially when your preference is to fly under the radar.

While Willow attempts to uncover the truth behind JoJo’s death and rid herself of JoJo’s ghost once and for all, there is also the gorgeous Seth Pentacost to contend with whom Willow has just a slight.. Ok huge crush on. He is also Willow’s best friend Macey’s brother.

Did somebody kill JoJo or was it really an accident? Can Willow and Seth turn unrequited love into something real?

Dealaney has created a fun and dark page turner but is also asking the bigger question: what makes popular girls popular? Combining a modern “who dunnit” with a twist of “I Know What You Did Last Summer” you will fall for Dead Actually.

Author Kaz Delaney
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781742378183