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 Destiny – Book 1 of a trilogy on Bomcard, and debut novel for Anthony La Riccia, makes interesting reading as it collects a vast array of ghosts, goblins and ghoulish, dragons and giants, merpeople and just about every fantasy creation ever thought about, placing them firmly in one place – Bomcard.

Add the all-time requirement of good versus evil into the mix along with a battle to save not only the world but the world of Bomcard and there you have it – a fantasy novel.


Even though use of  wording and dialogue between the characters is somewhat  amateurish in parts La Riccia still manages to maintain the pace and interest of the plot, which is no mean feat considering the genre in which he has chosen to write.

Lucas Swanson is a kid who never quite fits in. He has the bluest eyes ever seen and somehow always seems to end up being bullied.

Dreams of horrify proportions begin to occur involving dragons, elves and many creatures from a magical, or is it magical world, (as there is a strong resemblance to New York, the city in which Lucas has grown up), in a death defying battle which rages throughout the skies.

And so the story begins – of course Lucas is the lost child from the world of Bomcard and finds he must return home to take his rightful place and help save not only the world but Bomcard as well.

Walk into a time of magical creatures, an interesting plot with no real surprises in the story line, and enjoy a really good read.

AuthorAnthony La Riccia
PublisherSid Harta