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From Kinglake to Kabul

Out of tragedy comes hope, out of hope comes understanding and out to understanding comes growth.

The tragedy of the Victorian Fires in the summer of 2009 is one which will live in the hearts and lives of many Australians for decades. The sadness, the hope, the survival and the fears will be there as a constant reminder that, no matter who or what we are it can all come down to one small moment in time, when we face the reality of life and living.

This collection of stories from the kids of Kinglake and the kids of Kabul is both heart wrenching and hopeful.

School teacher David Williams was facing the bleak reality of trying to find a way through to his pupils in order to help them to manage a little better with all that happened to them, their towns, their friends and their communities. He took a look at an earlier project designed to encourage the students to learn to appreciate their own country and just how very lucky they were to live in such a great place and enjoy the education they received.

Enlisting the help of writer Neil Grant he decided to go ahead with the project. Forging an alliance with the International School of Kabul the students soon began exchanging letters, experiences, thoughts and feelings. This alliance led to a very small group of Afghani students visiting Kinglake in 2010 and has proven to have had cathartic and healing benefits to all involved with the project.

Born of tragedy and giving hope to all, this is a work of memories, stories, personal feeling and over and above all, hope for the and from the kids of this world.

AuthorEdited by Neil Grant & David Williams
PublisherAllen & Unwin
ISBN978 174237 5304