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Girl on Pointe Chloe’s Guide to Taking on the World

This colourful book shows the journey of young dancer, Chloe Lukasaik. Her life story is written with many photos and endorsements from friends. She is honest about her feelings and her passions, and shares many selfies and kiss selfies, and ideas for making a success of your life.

The early chapters are filled with her wisdom and view of the world. She fully believes that one can overcome any obstacle, whatever it may be, referencing the fact that as a young child she had a condition which made one eye appear smaller than the other, and underwent several operations to correct this imperfection. Her family are very loving and supportive, and for eight years Chloe was an only child.

Chloe always wanted to dance, and along with several girlfriends she perused her lessons and practised hard. When the family moved to a new city she decided to complete her schooling at home to make it easier to travel for her dancing and acting lessons.

At the age of thirteen, Chloe auditioned for the show, ‘Dance Moms,’ a reality show that follows young dancers and their Mom’s from week to week. The show is very up close and personal, filming arguments and tensions between the Moms, who have their daughter’s best interest at heart.

Following her stint for a few years in front of the camera, she quit the show. Chloe describes her life now as ‘Non-stop red carpets and photo shoots and celebrity filled parties’.

 I’m not sure that many young women could identify with Chloe’s upbringing. Her worldly tips for taking on the world and inspiring others come from a smooth and supported life.

If you are pretty, come from a middle class background, and have parents, who are totally devoted to your well-being, you may enjoy this story.

Author Chloe Lukasiak with Nancy Olin
Publisher Bloomsbury USA
ISBN 9781681197371
Distributor Bloomsbury
Released February 2018