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Good and Bad Times at University

Book two in the Becky Bexley – child genius series

Becky Bexley has moved on in her very young life, right in to University where she has been accepted to study a double degree. The first one is Psychology and the second is Media Studies, which is a pretty big thing to do, but Becky found that by juggling the lectures she should manage very well.

Well, she is a child genius after all, and even though some of the bounds of probability have once again been stretched to create the life of Becky Bexley, and she is on a learning curve of most everything in this book, there are times when her very down to earth solutions to some of life’s problems are taken to heart and utilised.

She is finding life at University a little bit daunting as the students are all older than her, and even though they are intellectually in some cases, her equal, she is still only ten years old but very mature. How to fit in and what to do when not at University is the issue to begin with, along with settling into her studies and trying to make friends.

Although it takes time, she begins to form a group of friends who treat her as one of them and they begin to have immense fun. They all like to meet and discuss some very interesting topics, such as the Cow that many people were convinced could do arithmetic, having a lot of fun on the Community Radio station as part of the course, and then interviewing a famous Pop star’s brother about his life and family as a young man, before he found fame and what he is doing now, are just some of the interesting things she found to do.

A Psychology Faculty party goes terribly wrong, which teaches Becky some very valuable life lessons, but causes her to begin to doubt herself and her choice of course. She also learns the value of good friends as they help her to accept what happened, and how best to move on from a very unpleasant experience.

Fun is had over the Christmas break with Jane, a friend from University and Becky is restored to being Becky Bexley, child genius once again, in time to begin a new year, with new challenges in Student Fun and a Mammoth Discussion.

In Good and Bad Times at University, Diana Holbourn has, in book two of the series bought in a seriously needed dose of realism to Becky Bexley, which was sorely required, as the character was heading rapidly into the realms of opinionated brat category. University has seen Becky Bexley slow down a little, still offer excellent advice and solutions to problems, but in a far more acceptable style.

Author Diana Holbourn
Publisher Windy Seaside Publishing
ISBN 978-1739180959
Distributor Amazon
Released August 2023