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Harry Potter – A History of Magic The Book of the Exhibition

In October 2017 The British Library opened the exhibition Harry Potter: A History Of Magic, making this the first major exhibition to explore the many aspects of JK Rowling’s beloved stories, showcasing the many historical and mythical aspects that have been used through the creation of Harry Potter stories.

The book by the same title is one that accompanied the exhibition and is now available to the general public, which is marvellous as those who were unable to visit the exhibition personally, can now do so thought pages of this beautifully presented, page by page tour.

Amongst the many items that made up the exhibition were original artworks from Jim Kay, which have been reproduced for this book, and are wonderful to be able to view. The pencil sketch of a young Harry Potter portrays innocence, intelligence and a little bit of something different.

Each of the chapters deals with a different aspect of the magic that is Harry Potter, laced with full colour pictures, original documentation which ties back to recorded history and mythology, as well as introduction of the various sections from people such as Julia Eccleshare, who introduces The Journey. She has written a number of books in regard to children’s literature, in particular A Guide To The Harry Potter Novels.

Anna Pavord discusses the many herbs and plants use in the study of Herbology undertaken at Hogwarts as one of the seven core subjects studied there in Herbology. Tim Peake, Astronaut and test pilot discusses Astronomy and the possibility of wizardry, while simply viewing the night skies in all their magic, while Owen Davies talks about the many aspects of magic, folklore and mystery that go into the creation of each of the stories in Divination.

As each section in introduced by specialist in their fields, reading them is like being present at your own ‘talk’ about the specialist areas researched by JK Rowling’s of which form the basis for stories beloved by all.

Twenty years on, Harry Potter shows no signs of slowing down, and one who will remain a boy who is special, has magical powers. Along with his wonderful word of magic Harry Potter has also encouraged so many children to read books and discover the very real magic to be found in amongst pages.

Harry Potter: A History of Magic, the book, is the prefect keepsake for Harry Potter fans and a wonderful celebration of twenty years of the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.



AuthorBritish Library
PublisherBloomsbury Childrens Books
DistributorBloomsbury Childrens Books
ReleasedFebruary 2019 (New paperback edition)