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Harry Potter – the Creature Vault

Designed to appeal to a wide range of ages The Creature Vault gives a great indication of the many, many characters that appear in the background of the much loved Harry Potter series of movies.

These amazing mystical creatures have become familiar to the discerning as they have appeared time and time again, some of course are better known than others.

In this collection they come to life as individuals they rightly deserve to be, with details of their creation, animation and the various movies or roles in which they have become well known in their particular identities.

Bringing the creatures to life bought them from the written word to full scale animation with all owing their evolution to the talents and skills of artists, designers, animators and the like.

Many of the forest dwellers are based in Greek mythology, namely Firenze, who then evolved to become Bane. Hippogriff is based on a mixture of griffin and eagle with dragons being truly representative of themselves in all their fire breathing glory.

Herbs come into their own and appear often as Whomping Willows grow in the grounds of Hogwarts many are familiar with Mandrake as the very ugly baby who popped out of the earth in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

If you are a hard core Harry Potter fan, are a student of film and animation, into the world of photography and illustration, an artist or designer this should be considered as an essential book to add to your collection as it contains a massive amount of information on how it has all been created to help evolve what has become an million dollar industry for the printed word and movie industries.

There is considerable detail on the process of the creation of each of the creatures which adds another layer to the comprehensiveness that is the world of Harry Potter  and will be enjoyed time and time again as each of the many are revisited courtesy of the “creature vault”.

On a scale of 1 – 10 on the Harry (not Harry Potter) meter, Harry gives it a 10.

Author Jody Revenson
Publisher Titan Publishing Group
ISBN 9781783296019