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I Made Lattes for a Love God.

Elly Pickerings Mum gets to do PR on the visit of teen idol, and Elly’s heart throb, Jake Blake, who is coming to her seaside town of Oldcastle to film his latest movie. She simply can’t believe it. Her Mum working with Jake Blake every day!

She creates a plan to possibly, almost certainly; hopefully get to meet her teen idol in the flesh – and all, she hopes, with the help of her MUM!

Elly and her friends show up to auditions for roles being cast locally. Elly’s mates get the roles and Elly gets to help her Mum with the everyday items which make up doing PR for a great star. Eventually, due to a series of disasters, she finds herself working in the food van for the film set crew.


Meeting Jake Blake is still high on Elly’s agenda and when she finally gets to meet the man of her dreams all does not go as expected, more like a full scale disaster. Can Elly regain her dignity, retain her friends and get her life, which somehow seems to be totally out of control, back into normal old life in Oldcastle rhythm – boring but predictable, or not?

Along the way you may also see a sometimes resemblance to characters very well known in the world of teen film currently catching the imagination and hearts of teens everywhere.

A great Young Adult fun read about life, quirks of fate and especially love, teen style.

AuthorWendy Harmer
PublisherAllen & Unwin