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Let Sleeping Dragons Lie: Have Sword, Will Travel 2

Odo and Eleanor are back in their second adventure, or is it better said as the continuation of where we left them, and their talkative and often annoying swords Biter and Runnel, at the end of their first adventure together in Have Sword Will Travel.

This time thought, the adventurous pair may have landed themselves into far more trouble than either they or their trusty swords can handle, when the go to the rescue of what seems to be two people fending of a terrible and bloody attack by four large shaggy wolf-like creatures, the bile wolves. Before they can get there, they hear the cry ‘For Lenburh’ echoing out and see Sir Halfdan, mounted on his ancient warhorse, galloping into the battle.

Unfortunately, by this time many of the villagers who had gone to help lay dead or badly wounded. When the bile wolves were finally defeated, amongst the dead where the old warhorse and Sir Halfden.

Upon closer scrutiny the man, Edgar, who is blind was wearing something that looked very much like a very real crown and the warrior woman with him, Hundred, was being very protective of Edgar. But who were they and why had they come to Lenburg, bringing with them some very bad business indeed.

As this become clearer Odo, Eleanor and their Swords, who are none too pleased, find they have been commissioned by the former King to help Hundred and Edgar on their quest to prevent an evil imposter, because in a Garth Nix and Sean Williams story, you always have to have one of these, take the Crown from the lawful King.

Immediately and in spite of Odo’s reluctance to get  involved, Eleanor convinces him this is the right thing to do because as knights, this is what knights do, go into battle and follow the King; which is all very well when they are still at home, but once they set out on their journey things, as always go from bad to worse, especially when they accidentally happen to wake the mythical dragon from a long and mythical sleep.

Join Odo, Eleanor, Biter and Runnel as once again they argue, fight and yell at each other, as they struggle to find a safe pathway out of what has fast turned into a most treacherous and terrible quest.

A boisterous, lively and hugely entertaining adventure once again from the agile minds of Garth Nix and Sean William as they too discover why it is best to, ‘Let Sleeping Dragons Lie’.


Author Garth Nix and Sean Williams
Publisher A&U Childrens
ISBN 9781743439937
Distributor A&U Childrens
Released November 2018