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Marvelous Mermaids

Jane Devonport is a professional artist of many years standing who enjoys nothing better than to share her artwork and reach out to budding artist everywhere through the medium of books, workshops and her Mixed Media Group on Facebook.

Her latest book Marvelous Mermaids is a Master Class in how to draw these magical creatures  of the seas with their long flowing looks, mysterious eyes and of course the folkloric that simply ads to their intrigue.

While taking this Master Class, Jane Davenport encourages you to embrace your creative side, and always remember that you are the only one creating your mermaids so therefor, let the inspiration flow onto the page and see who emerges looking wonderfully like your special mermaid.

With all drawing techniques there has to be a beginning past buying the paper and medium of choice, so as with all books there is a beginning which makes Chapter 1 Seas the day the perfect place to begin your journey into the yet undiscovered world of Mermaids.

Filled with tips, shortcuts, aspirations and quirky little bits and pieces, Marvelous Mermaids is a joyful experience learning how to, if nothing else to draw mermaids, but so saying, as this is a course in creating a visual and lasting magic, many of the  skills learned will flow on to other art forms. These options are presented in Chapter 7 Marvelous Projects, offering nine projects to test your new skills, culminating with the inspiring Fin-spiring Creative Prompts which encourages you to select one of the thirty eight prompts offered to keep you drawing and discovering your wonderful watery world of creativity.

Designed to encourage and allow your creative spirit to enjoy working with various art mediums, Marvelous Mermaids is a seriously feel good book full of creative projects with ‘no right or wrong’ attached, just learning to welcome the ‘miss-steps’ along the way to creativity, whatever is the medium  of choice.

Author Jane Devenport
Publisher Get Creative 6
ISBN 9781684620043
Distributor New South Books
Released June 2020