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This book is from the authors that bought you Spoiled and are known for apparently being sassy and sharp critiquing fashion and celebrities around the world . A quick overview “now that Brooke Berlin’s caught a taste of fame and her movie star father’s attention, she wants to launch a blog that will position her as the ultimate Hollywood insider….But between school work, shopping, and spray-tan appointments, she hardly has the time to write it herself.

Enter…. Max McCormack, an aspiring author with a terrible after-school job pushing faux meat on the macrobiotic masses of La-La Land. Max reluctantly agrees to play Brooke’s ghost-blogger for an impressive salary, and the site takes off, but how long can their lie last? In person, Brooke can’t live up to the intellectual wit of, and Max soon begins to resent hiding her genius behind a bandage dress-wearing blonde. Can the girls work together to stay on top, or will the truth come out and ruin everything they’ve built?

I don’t think I watch enough TV or read enough celebrity trash magazines to be up to date with all the brands of clothing and Beverly Hills/ Hollywood going ons. That said this is a very funny book when you get past the Americanisms and culture; some of which I didn’t “get”; but I was never cool in high school and still out of the loop now!

This book is so far removed from what I would consider “normal” high school that you just have to keep reading.

At the end of the day it is about relationships, being true to yourself, learning to like those that previously seemed completely at odds with yourself and have nothing in common with you and of course there are boys involved.

Does it play like a Glee episode? I imagine so but I’ve never seen Glee!


AuthorHeather Cocks & Jessica Morgan
PublisherAllen & Unwin