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Mistletoe and Mr. Right

Sometimes it is a great relief to curl up with a light hearted romantic novel and just relax. In this book we are given not one, but two complete stories, each satisfying, and predictable, ensuring comfort. There is a good balance of humour, customs and information shared, as well as the workings of a rock group, behind the scenes.

 Lyla PayneIn the first story, we have a girl, who is studying in college in America. She is rather an oddball as she doesn’t drink or smoke, and enjoys her planned and studious life. Planning ahead is what she does best, and when you hear her background story, it makes sense. She goes to an end of the year party, and suddenly, there he is; a gorgeous Irish man who is interested in her, and they begin dating.

 Six weeks later, they have become quite serious, but Brennan is going home to Ireland for Christmas. Jessica decides to surprise him, and pop over on Christmas Eve. This is not the best thought out plan, and driving her rental car to an outlying farm during the freezing winter’s night proves tough. So tough in fact that she runs into the family nanny goat! Not a good way to introduce yourself to a startled family.

 The story continues with enjoyable characters, and subtle humour. The family are concerned about why a girl wouldn’t drink. Unheard of at Christmas in Ireland! Gradually Jessica is brought to see, that even the most careful planning can sometimes go awry.

 The next story has to do with Jessica’s roommate from college. She has been offered a position to work as a front person for a successful rock and roll band. The only trouble is that she was in love with the singer, spending the summer holidays together. He left her without a word, and she is still heart broken and sad. Christina has to maintain a formal polite working atmosphere to keep the job, which for her is a first step into the industry she loves. Other family issues pop up and Christina has to deal with meeting a new stepmother and two step sisters.

 Both of these stories are gentle romantic reads, and one almost wishes for a snowy day to sit and enjoy the dilemmas and revelations that face the two girls.

AuthorLyla Payne
DistributorAllen & Unwin
ReleasedDecember 2015