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Pranklab : Practical science pranks you and your victim can learn from

In the middle of Covid lockdown in Australia to a large degree, Prank Lab is perhaps not the perfect book to introduce into households full of children looking for something to do, pranks to play, but kids, listen up, while you are planning to execute the pranks found inside the covers of Prank Lab, you are also learning about science, hands-on! What a great excuse!

As with all things scientific, even pranks, it is most important to read the instructions and make sure you read the Introduction right through, no skipping this section because as budding scientists, or pranksters, this is a very important section.

Most of the ingredients and utensils required to have some serious fun can be found at home, so in the best interest of getting it right, make a list of things you need and then think about the best way of getting them. Better hide the book and the ingredients where prying eyes can’t find them, as your mates and family may get a bit suspicious of the reasons why you are being very secretive.

Pranks can be huge fun, messy and harmless but do be careful and not use food colouring inside as that will surely get you into heaps of bother. Research the prank, as they say, plan the execution and have a lot of fun, but do expect your victim to return the favour!

Prank Lab has 25 Pranks, err experiments, to be carried out full of timely notes, facts, did you know’s, and quick quizzes but you will need a notebook to record, in proper scientific style, the results of your, err, experiments for future use. Do make doubly sure to read the section of each prank marked Warnings To Future Me, as these are the really fine points discovered by previous pranksters.

Just in case you are not sure of some of the words used, there is a very excellent Glossary at the end of the book which will add to your word knowledge as well as scientific understanding.

Most of all, prank safely, have heaps of fun, make sure you follow all the directions, no short cuts, and enjoy learning about things scientific in a fun way.

Author Chris Ferrie, Byrne LaGinestra, Wade David Fairclough
Publisher Sourcebooks eXplore
ISBN 9781728223742
Distributor New South Books
Released June 2021