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For those teenagers who think they are unremarkable and ordinary, Sensitive is a story to help you accept your good fortune. It centers around thirteen-year-old Samantha, who has just moved to the South East of South Australia from Broken Hill. Now is her opportunity to reinvent herself, take control of her life, and how she lives it.

SJ as she is now known, has eczema, and has suffered all her life with itchy, scabby skin. If she forgets and scratches it, sores form, and become infected. To her it is a shameful thing. Moving schools at this age was never going to be easy, and at SJ’s new school, friendships have already been forged and acceptance is going to be difficult. The teenager’s mother is very worried about her daughter and tries many new doctors and treatments. All this makes SJ even more stressed.

In her first science lesson the teacher gives out flowers for the students to dissect. Suddenly SJ’s eyes begin to puff up, her breathing is ragged, and her face begins to swell. One of the boy’s notices her plight and medical attention is swiftly sought. Eventually she is hospitalised. It is here she meets with other teenagers, one who has severe acne, and another with psoriasis. There is a small comfort in knowing that she is not the only one suffering, but still SJ has to work out a way to manage her life.

As time passes and more allergies begin to surface, SJ is forced to carry an epi pen. She begins to make a few friends and much to her surprise some of the boys are friendly. A friendship with Livvy begins to develop, and it is seen that both of the girls have issues. Each quite different.

Told by Allayne L Webster who inhabited this world of painful eczema and allergies, she hopes with the writing of Sensitive, teenagers reading the book will gain some understanding of the skin condition, and perhaps be more considerate and knowledgeable toward those suffering this complaint.

Author Allayne L. Webster
Publisher UQP
ISBN 9780702260483
Distributor UQP
Released 2019