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Six Steps Down

When Ainsley Damon’s family decided to move to the country and buy a very, very old house little did they know of the history of the place. They are soon to discover there is far more to the house than they ever expected with hidden cellars, and mysterious happenings that just don’t seem to make sense.

Ainsley settles into the local high school and meets up with what is to become her group of friends, as they are assigned a class project to research.

They decided the mysterious house of the Damon’s, Sheldon’s Seat,  should be the subject of their project but by doing so set off on a pathway that is to lead them all into danger, face challenges their friendship may not survive and put the life of Ainsley’s young brother at risk.

The further Ainsley and her friends go in researching the history of Sheldon’ Seat, the further into the hidden secrets of the house and the former owners of the property they dig, the more crazy things become.

When they discover a painting of a woman on a beach hidden in the cellar they find it hard to believe that it can be anything to do with the house but they are so very wrong.  

Discovering what the painting is all about historically also winds about what Ainsley and her friends are learning about life, love and growing up, discovering that although history has already been lived, there are more than just a few similarities between then and now, especially in the world of love and relationships.

A great story line, well told which will keep you intrigued until the end, which, by the way is not what you would expect.

AuthorMandi Greenwood
PublisherShort Stop Press