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Small Blue Thing

It’s small, It’s blue, its very, very old and its found in the Thames. Cleaned up and placed on the wrist of a very modern girl, Alex by name, it begins to glimmer and twinkle. A drop dead gorgeous guy appears to be either looking at Alex or peering over her shoulder.  But he just seems to appear, then disappear at the most awkward of moments.

Who is this mysterious guy and just what is it he wants? Is it life, is it love or is it revenge?


At the end of their exams Alex and her friend Grace stop at the local pub for a cool drink on their way home. Alex goes to the rescue of a swan whose foot is a caught on a wire in the muddy bottom of the riverbed. The swan breaks free and for her trouble Alex finds a beautiful silver bracelet, fastened with a rusty wire to a block of stone.

Gripping and full of suspense, the story twists and turns, has oceans of romance to delight a girls heart, plots and sub plots with a surprising twist at the end.

A great read.

AuthorSC Ransom
PublisherNosy Crow