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Ten Tiny Breaths

Kasey Cleary’s life changed for the worse when her parents, best friend and boyfriend are all killed in a car accident, leaving her as the only survivor. Four years on she is still trying to rebuild her life and that of her young sister.

She decides to take a gamble, grab her fifteen years old sister and head out to start a new life in Miami.  Sounds simple doesn’t it but along the way Kasey discovers there’s a lot more to creating a new life than even she imagined.

Not afraid to take life on head first she meets her mysterious neighbour, whose riveting blue eyes intrigue and entrance her. She likes to keep everyone she meets at a distance but slowly discovers that it is almost impossible to block Trent Emerson out of her life.

He certainly wants to be part of her life as time goes on and they both realise their attraction to each other is something a bit more special than an ordinary attraction.  They both have issues that must be dealt with before they can decide what happens next.

It is resolving these issues that causes the “what comes next” to take them both down a pathway they never expected.  Riveting and insightful  the explosive conclusion is as unexpected as it is dramatic.


AuthorK A Tucker
PublisherAtria Books