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The Aging Machine: A Young Adult Adventure Story

Young adults who love a thrilling read, who ponder possibilities and follow fast action, will love The Aging Machine. The whole concept of an aging machine is quite foreign to us, but Paul Robert Schreyer has come up with a sound use for this machine in a very poorly run society. Money is the basis for re-election of the Mayor, and saving money is his key platform. Can he use this machine to his advantage?

There are two young men who want to thwart his plans, but they have been set up and placed in the machine unwillingly. The now 75-year-olds, John and Taylor, need to find the true designer of the aging machine to stop its further use. Time is running out and the Police are represented by an overzealous and angry officer, who has had his machine gun sights on the two men several times.

Fortunately, a young and eager journalist, Amy, believes that the men are innocent of their accused crime, and comes to their aid. There are car chases, and car and train altercations, which leave the reader holding their breath. The ever- present danger of Officer Quincy, and his obsessive attitude, follow John, Taylor and Amy as they seek to minimise the potential harm this machine could cause. When the trio catch up with the designer of the machine, there are more surprises to follow.

With the fast pace of this novel, and the serious and thought-provoking consequences of the men failing to contain the machine, the story could be rather dour. However, it has some splendid humour which lightens the mood. Two fifteen-year-old boys (now physically 70) have a car, but neither has ever driven. Their antics make any driver wince and chuckle. This is a real page turner.

Author Paul R. Schreyer
Publisher Independant
ISBN 979-8755744782
Website The Aging Machine: Schreyer, Paul Robert: 9798755744782: Books
Distributor Paul R. Schreyer
Released December 2021