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The Best Australian Science Writing 2022

There are thirty Science stories in this eminently readable book, The Best of Australian Science Writing 2022. They vary from discussions about Aliens, Cats, Wombat dental gas, Mind machines, Time travel, Yeast rising, and many more.

Each one is written with a sense of excitement by the author and a clarity and simplicity which involves the reader. The reader is taken on a short journey by a range of authors, each one passionate about their topic. It is quite a thrill to read some of these and realise that you have just had a fun and enjoyable Science Lesson.

Dr Norman Swan’s foreword is a brilliant introduction to this world of science. He states that “The best science writing gives us agency- a sense of control over our destiny. … is the reader who reaps the benefit of a piece that might be fun, provocative and will take you somewhere new.”

This is certainly the case with many of these articles. There is a wonderful poem by Alicia Sometimes, which outlines the action of peering through a telescope and what the viewer is hoping to see or discover. There is a story outlining experimentation with Hallucinogenic drugs, to help with mental illness. So many interesting tales.

It seems as though The Best of Australian Science Writing 2022 should be in every household. Regardless of the age, gender, and interests of the people there is something to relate to or discover. It has been well written in its simplicity and range.

Author Edited by Ivy Shih. Forward Dr Norman Swann.
Publisher UNSW Press Ltd
ISBN 9781742237640
Distributor New South Books
Released November 2022