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The Extremely Inconvenient Adventures of Bronte Mettlestone

Bronte Mettlesome is a child whose background is somewhat different to other children in that when she was a young baby her parents went away to have adventures, leaving her to be brought up by an Aunt, oh yes, and the Butler as well!.

The problems arose when her parents had one to many adventures and died, causing a great deal of consternation in the otherwise strangely organised world of Bronte Mettlestone and her Aunt, as although her parents appeared to have little regard for their child, they had left very, very detailed instructions  in their will on what to do after, or should they die while having an adventure.

Which once again proves to be very inconvenient for Bronte Mettlestone as it turns out she has to go and visit all of her other Aunts, who all do amazing things, and live in amazing places and deliver the bequest left to them by her parents.

Now as Bronte is a very strong wiled girl, even though she is only young, she decides to follow her parents’ wishes, gathers up their chest full of instructions as well as strange gifts, and sets off to travel to the Kingdoms and Empires of the world in search of her other Aunts.

Of course she has one adventure after another which at first seems to be very strange, but she soon, as she is also an intelligent child, realise there is some other plan or plot afoot, set up by her parents for reasons she has yet to uncover.  Oh yes, and of course there is also little bit of magic in the mix which just ads to the very entertaining mayhem, that seems to be everywhere Bronte goes, even at the top of a Mountain. And Dragons of course and lots of other of course things, of course!

Filled with good old fashioned rollicking adventure, this is a seriously good read which will appeal to a wide range of readers who love stories with a little bit of the totally unexpected and whacky in their reading, a cast of not quite thousands, but certainly a lot of characters, all appearing to be carrying on with their lives regardless of how unusual it may seem to their visitor, Bronte Mettlesome.

A hugely entertaining read for all young readers and not so young readers and a wonderful selection of illustrations from Kelly Canby to complete the fun.


AuthorJaclyn Moriarty
PublisherA&U Childrens
DistributorA&U Childrens
ReleasedNovember 2017