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The Near Witch

Chilling and dark, this re-release of a long out of print tale from VE Schwab, The Near Witch comes to life once again. Schwab’s work is dramatic, dark and very realistic, her characters and plot are absolutely, chillingly real and amazing.

Based around an old story told to frighten the children, Lexi begins to realise that there may be more than a simple story to this tale, as dark one night she sees the floating image of a young boy; a boy who appears to be a stranger, but how can this be, as there are no strangers in the town of Near.

But something sinister seems to have come to town, as, when the wind comes calling, comes calling, children are climbing out of their windows to slowly disappear. As the mysterious boy has been seen in the town, he immediately falls under suspicion.

Lexi begins to wonder if there really is a bit more to the old tale of the Near Witch and begins to try and discover just how the tale began and why. Her father, before his passing, always told her that Witches were just like people, good and bad, so she learnt to trust the witch sisters who live at the edge of town. The villagers do not!

Just outside of the town is a dead patch of ground next to the witches’ cottage, where nothing will grow, the ashes very, very old; perhaps this has something to do with the legend of the Near Witch, but finding out what really did happen, puts Lexi and the boy in serious danger.

The use of strong well-formed characters, and lyrical language will once again ensure The Near Witch will hold fresh appeal to a new generation of young readers.

A bonus story, The Ash-Born Boy rounds out the book. Perhaps this is the back-story to ‘Col’ who becomes one of the central characters in The Near Witch. That is for you to decided.

AuthorV. E Schwab
PublisherTitan Publishing Group
DistributorNew South Books
ReleasedMarch 2019