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This One is Ours

In her acknowledgements, Kate O’Donnell sums up This One Is Ours by saying,” Lets ’make noise, make art, and make change.” She has written a truly inspirational story in a style that reflects a sixteen-year-old girl and her moment in time. The style of writing is compelling, immediate and gentle. Narrated by Sofie, the short sentences and understated language, place us alongside her. We feel her uncertainty, her desire to fulfill her dreams and what it is like to be sixteen.

A passionate artist, Sofie’s dream has always been to go to Paris. She has studied French and is committed to her art. Her family support her, but financially can’t afford to let her study overseas. Hana, Sophie’s older sister, has saved money and surprises the family by having found a student exchange for Sophie in Paris.

To get there, Sofie must also save some money. A year later, she is ready to go overseas to Paris, to her host family. A dreamer, Sofie has spent much time walking and observing. This is how she begins to learn about Paris. She draws maps of where she has been, and what she has seen.

At first, she is exhilarated, then tired and jet lagged, then homesick. As time passes, she begins to find many of her dreams being realised; the art galleries, the monuments, and the French boy, who is thoughtful. But Sofie’s horizons are also being expanded by her host sister with Climate change a very powerful issue for the young men and women of Paris. Eventually a rally is held, in which they both take part.

The girls feel sadness for the future, but come to realise that their time is now, in the present; heir role for the planet is to lead by example and be active in planning for the future.

Author Kate O'Donnell
Publisher University of Queensland Press (UQP)
ISBN 9780702260285
Distributor UQP
Released October 2020