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Trying to Make the World a Better Place (Becky Bexley the Child Genius, #1)

Becky Bexley is a child genius who could talk almost as soon as she was born, began Junior school at the age of one, then went to Senior school at the age of three, which makes even a child genius someone very special.

Senior School was a very different place to Junior school. Not only were her classmates bigger, so where their problems. This she discovered when she found perfectly good sandwiches in the bin at lunch break; not once but nearly every day.

Getting to the bottom of this she discovered a boy was being bullied by several other boys and in her Becky Bexley way, set about helping him, as well as getting other students to understand about the terrible effects of bullying.

This was her first ‘mission’ and as time went on, she discovered more and more Kids that needed help and guidance to fix their issues. Anorexia, Bulimia and abuse are discussed and better understood as well with the others in her school.

But she does not stop there; her mother is involved with a Con man, one of the teachers is trying desperately to give up smoking and during one of her walks to the beach she helps a girl overcome her phobia of dogs.

An invitation to the White House to meet the President led to her discussing so many things with him; climate change and global warming just for starters, until he heard her say she had taken a counselling course and wanted to study Psychology. What a happened next was very, very surprising.

The final chapter sees Becky getting very worked up about the bias presented in radio programs and once again she decides to do something about it in her own, very practical manner.

Diana Holbourn has in Becky Bexley created a mini dynamo who, through a youth perspective takes a look at many of the everyday issues Teens and adults face on a daily basis. She details the issues and views the subject under discussion from differing aspects before presenting very workable solutions to the problems.

Becky Bexley does graduate from Senior school and moves onto University which will present another range of interesting issues to be solved.

Author Diana Holbourn
Publisher Windy Seaside Publishing
ISBN 9781739180928
Distributor Watersons Books
Released June 2023