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Unbored Games – Serious Fun for Everyone

Well guess what, there is more to games than just filling in time and having fun, apparently it’s all supposed to be good for you as well, but don’t let that put you off.

Playing games is and always has been great fun. With the added pleasure of the Christmas holidays coming up rapidly you also have a lot of time to do your own thing! Grab a couple of mates and take a really good look at this fantastic little book, which if handled properly, will help you fill in all those ‘spare’ bits of time in the day and stop your parents finding you something else to do when you say, “I’m bored. I don’t know what to do”.

This little book could be your passport to unlimited  freedom to play the games you are going to discover and also for you ‘gamers’, as there are heaps and heaps of tips on how to recycle your old, boring games into something new and challenging, all while playing the game.

To get you out from under your parents feet, as well as out in the fresh air there are great suggestions to vary the continuously challenging game of Jump Rope, otherwise known as skipping,  which while it has been around simply for ever, can always have new challenges added to the competition. There are a few choices listed which should also encourage you to think up a few more. Remember, this is not a game to play in the house!

QB Rescue is another game that can be played outdoors and is a version of football that does not consist of tackling, so should be reasonably free from injury. Have a go and find out just what it is really all about.  There are heaps more.

On those days when it is either to hot or too cold or to wet, depending on where you live, there is also a huge selection of things to be done and discovered indoors with friends or family or both,  such as a Dance –Off, which will get the blood pumping and also see how creative you can be. Take it easy on your grown-up’s thought, as they may not be as versatile as you.

You can also invent a game. The rules and some of the background to doing this are on pages 84 to 86, if you want to do something a little bit different. Who knows you may even create a game that other gamers will love.

There are instructions for first building your rocket then racing it, as well as an  Alka-Seltzer Battle, definitely outside, a  SmartPhone Scavenger Hunt and something called Larping & Args, which I really prefer not to discover anything further  about, but you most definitely will, as I am an adult and you are not! It could be simply more than an adult can handle!

AuthorJoshua Glenn & Elizabeth Foy Larsen & Heather Kasunick
PublisherBloomsbury USA