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You Are Mighty A Guide to Changing the World

Have you ever wondered if you, as a young person can make a difference to something that is important in the world?

The answer is yes, indeed you can; more often that you may realise, by simply sharing an email about environmental issues, supporting a local neighbourhood group do something good and so much more. In today’s world of Internet, it is a lot easier than it once was to support something you are passionate about, and in many ways, because of the Internet and the WWW young people of all ages are far better informed of world event that ever before in history, as the news is almost instant.

If there is an earthquake in Indonesia, a War in Iran, a protest march in America or a stand being made about world environmental pollution, the information is there, ready to be read and discussed. Not only is it out in the public arena, but many differing opinions are also there presenting various points of view.

Therefore, and as Caroline Paul says time and time again, no matter how old you are, you can make a difference to what is absolutely your future, by being proactive about issues that directly affect you, your friends and family.

Many of you may ask, but I am only a kid, no one listens to me and yes, you are right, but only up to a point. If it is something you are moaning about, well, that generally gets you not far at all: but if voicing your opinion to get what you want done in order to help make a change in society is done correctly, it can be very, very effective.

Caroline Paul gives tips, and provides case studies of young people who have already made a difference, and how you can go about making a difference, by making protest signs, Volunteering, letter writing, using social media, videos and so much more. She also offers words of caution when considering staging or becoming involved with Protests, as the sometimes unwanted and unasked for attention from the law enforcement agencies in various areas can be very dangerous.

As the is book is written from an American basis, sadly being of coloured skin, or certain ethnic minority groups, a situation known as racism, protesting can be a very dangerous undertaking.

There is also the perspective that you may have never considered yourself or your friends as activists, but if you have ever stood up for something you truly believe in, shared emails from groups such as Greenpeace, or helped friends write letters or investigate and create projects about a social issue, you are already an activist, doing your bit to help change the way the world thinks and often behaves.

You Are Mighty is a ground breaking book which encourages the teens of today to investigate, challenge, take a stand and support the issues of today, which will and are, going to affect their future unless they begin to hold the leaders and adults of the world today to account.

You are indeed mighty. Take a stand and make a difference!


Author Caroline Paul Illustrations Lauren Tamaki
Publisher Bloomsbury Childrens Books
ISBN 9781681198224
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released August 2018