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The Women and the Girls

The Women and the Girls from Laura Bloom, has been set in the world of the ’70’s, the dawning of a massive change in society and the emergence of a strong focus on women’s rights, which crafts a thought provoking look at a variety of marital situations and how differently each individual situation can be addressed.

When Anna, Carol, and Libby first meet at a school drop off they have no idea that each of them is burdened; on the surface, they are quite different, but their similarities are the discontent they have with their marriage, and the love of their children.  Each has reached a trigger point; Carol is the one who generates action from all of them.

Recently arrived from England, Carol thought that her controlling husband would perhaps settle in a job and become more of a family man after they made their home in Australia, but when tension reaches the boiling point between them, she goes to Libby’s house. There she finds Libby so unhappy with her situation that action is needed.

Anna owns a second house that she and her husband were going to renovate so the three women and their children make the huge decision to move into the house, each of them having much to think about and many issues to ponder. Each one supports the others and their skills are complementary; Libby loves to cook and make a family home with the children, Carol is creative and soon finds a job as a hairdresser. Anna is a wonderful organiser and overseer.

Time and a tranquil environment help the women sort out the problems they have and possible solutions, while understanding their housing arrangement is a temporary haven. Their issues are varied and challenging, while the children’s needs must always be addressed. Friendship and support helps each of the women to move on, but what they have learned about themselves, their marriages and expectations will hold all of them in good stead.

Author Laura Bloom
Publisher Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781760528652
Distributor Allen & Unwin
Released January 2020