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A Geek in Thailand: Discovering the Land of Golden Buddhas, Pad Thai and Kickboxing

If you wish to travel to Thailand, holiday there, work there, or you just enjoy travel stories, this is the book for you. It is filled with facts and stories that instantly immerse you in the culture and country.

 The author came to Thailand to relax after a teaching contract in Korea. Rather than return to “The grey and dreary streets of my hometown Manchester,” he went to Phuket, and from there travelled around, loving the relaxed life style, fine food, and gentle people. Jody began to write for a newsmagazine, and has made Thailand his home. In this way, we get an honest look at the good, the frustrating and the amazing aspects of his new home.

 The chapters in the book cover Thai history and culture, design and craftsmanship, food, music and arts and tips for visiting Thailand. The photography is amazing, and gives a clear idea of what the reader is looking at. We begin with an overview of the history of Thailand, which is explained very clearly. It seems that Thailand is the only Southeast Asian country to resist attempts at Western colonization, and current thinking by some, is that the original name of Siam would create less discrimination between groups.

  In the segment about “Thailand’s most important religious sites,” we see many beautiful temples and places of worship. Local Thai architecture and home interiors reflect the calm and harmonious, and plants around the house are important to maintain this balance. Thai hospitality is famous and resorts are listed to suit everyone.

 There are city resorts, and you can also stay by the sea or in the jungle. Shopping and markets are shown, with something for every one’s needs. Ladyboys in Thailand are an accepted part of society and are seen to work in most areas of the country. There is excellent information about working in Thailand, and how to fit in with the local customs and expectations.

 Chapter 7 deals with Visiting Thailand, and explains how the city of Bangkok is in danger of sinking by 2030. The huge rainfall and poor construction of buildings has complicated the situation. However, the author says that visiting the city is a must.

 Bangkok is divided into 50 districts, and is home to about 6.5 million people. The transport is easy to use and efficient. There is a sub way, sky-train, motorcycle taxis, and water taxis, which are all cheap. Some of the attractions in Bangkok are, visiting a kickboxing stadium, having a cocktail at the sky bar, taking a ride along the mighty Chao Phraya River, and visiting the National Museum, which contains ancient artefacts and fine displays of art.

 There is a list of 10 top things to do in Phuket as well. Combined with maps, swimming locations and visits to Chiang Mai, this book really does have it all making it a great book to browse and essential for the traveller.

Author Jody Houton
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
ISBN 9780804844482
Distributor New South Books
Released January 2016