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Berlin Style Guide

There is nothing better than to travel to an unknown country and have your own personal Tour Guide.  These two women have lived a long time in Berlin, and love the place with a passion.  What a great idea then to produce a book, outlining all of their favourite walks, and shops and eateries.  This is not just another city guide, but shows “special places and destinations that shape Berlin’s character, and make life in Berlin so incredibly charming.”

The authors have chosen eight suburbs of Berlin to visit.  Each suburb has its own map.  This is followed by three or four walks that a Tourist could take to see the “creative locals.”  Each walk takes up most of the day.  The walks begin with great breakfasts, and conclude with suggestions for places to dine in the evening.  Some accommodation is also recommended.

General tips such as information on Taxis, public toilets, riding bikes and driving cars, are given. There are photographs on every page to whet the appetite of the most discerning shopper and window shopper.  There is one boat tour included.  With each map of the district, locations for food, shops, Arts and Cultural Centres are listed.

One of the Tours begins with a marvellous coffee, and then a walk across the road to a shop which sells Scandinavian sweets and licorice.  Following the trail, we move to a shop which sells hand-made cast iron frying pans and cooking utensils.  Next, we move to a 1960’s modernist design shop, selling lamps and furniture.  A Goldsmith workshop is within easy walking distance, and then it’s time for a cafe stop with hand- painted biscuits and chocolates. There are several more stops after this, and then suggestions for Dinner and a restful evening at a Hotel.

This is certainly an intimate guide to Berlin, and one which a regular tourist could never hope to replicate.  In the book, local people are interviewed, and reveal their enjoyment of what Berlin has to offer.  It would be difficult to include prices in this book, but I think that many people would find it helpful to know the price of a cup of coffee in 2015, for a guideline.

There is so much passion for the surrounds and the people of Berlin, that, to read the book, and view the photographs, is a delight in itself.  However, if you are travelling to Berlin, and want to do some walking tours, this would be a helpful guide.


Author Ellen Teschendorf and Petra Albert
Publisher Murdoch Books
ISBN 9781743365267
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released January 2016