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Cool Japan Guide – Fun in the land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen

Graphic Artist Abby Denson has created a guide book to her beloved Japan, a country she has visited many times, loves and enjoys. Each time she returns she is fascinated once again by the variety and diversity of the people and the culture.

In this unique guide to all the places and events she considers essential when you visit Japan, she has managed to capture not only the culture but also the essence of the modern Japan, a place where old rubs shoulders with new and the outlandish is something considered normal by many.

Don’t let the graphic illusions of this guidebook put you off as it one of the more informative books of its kind as it gets rid of a lot of the huff and fluff found in many similar guides and gets down to the nitty gritty right from the beginning.

Easy to understand language is encapsulated in cartoon format, commencing with getting ready to visit Japan from a first or novice travellers perspective and listing details that are essential to safe travel. She explains applying for a passport, through to booking your Japan Train Pass before you leave home, hotel accommodation, where to eat, sites to visit, tips for the unwary traveller and all the other essential need to know bits and pieces.

In company with her husband Matt and friend Yuuko, they take you on a fun journey to many of their favourite places such as the buildings devoted to anima, manga and toys, yep, toys.

An essential when in Japan is a visit to an ‘onsen’, a natural hot springs, where bathing is a ritual as well as a pleasure. She details the correct way of going about enjoying the ‘hot tubs’ as there are set rules guiding the bathing practices which, on first acquaintance to Europeans, can be a little intimidating.

Each chapter commences with a selection of Japanese words introduced by  Kitty Sweet Tooth , her alter ego, who loves to share new words and travel tips, which if you are intending to travel there can be very helpful.

Extremely comprehensive, this funky little guide to Japan covers all the essentials you need to know, is entertaining, useful and enjoyable. So whether you are an armchair traveller, have an interest in travel in general, are intending to go to japan soon or simply love graphic works, you will find something to enjoy throughout the pages.

AuthorAbby Denson
PublisherTuttle Publishing