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Mystical Places (Inspired Traveller’s Guide)

How many places are there in the world we would all like to go and see one day, places that hold a certain something that makes them magical, devout or mystical such as the Comino Trail, a pilgrimage of reverence for Christians for centuries, Xanadu, a place more than just a name in a popular song; a place of legend, or Takachino in Kyushu, Japan a place deeply embedded in the Shinto faith.

Sadly with the advent of the Corona virus many of these mystical places are now for many travellers going to remain places they would like to or have love to have gone, but probably never will.

Simply reading the introduction to  Mystical Places, Inspired Traveller’s Guide, is to step directly into the world of the armchair traveller prepared to travel to exotically magical, folkloric places on this earth, couched in some wonderful stories rich for the telling over, in many cases, hundreds of years.

The Hexentanzplatz Plateau in Germany’s Harz Mountains has for generations been known as a place of sorcery, a place of Saxon worship, a place where witches danced across the floor, gathering from across Europe to meet on Walpurgisnacht. What a place to visit.

Shrouded in mystery, especially at sunrise and sunset the Pinnacles are to be found along the west coast of Western Australia, standing proud and tall in a sea of often shifting white sand, always changing, in spite of the often still atmosphere surrounding these enigmatic limestone edifices.

A side trip to California is called for to visit Mount Shasta a mountain that , while not the largest or highest in the USA is enveloped in a dangerous beauty; one that people have for millennia come to worship at, to request and often be awarded that which they seek!

As a choice of destination these are just a few from the exotic list compiled by Sarah Baxter and illustrated by Amy Grimes, to tempt you to forget your current surrounding, worries and fears, to settle into your very comfortable, cost effective armchair, with of course your complimentary drink of choice, before setting out to discover places you may already know, or many others that are yet to be discovered and enjoyed for a wonderful, amazing and enjoyable moment in time.

Author Sarah Baxter, illustrated by Amy Grimes
Publisher White Lion Publishing/Quarto
ISBN 9781781319581
Distributor Murdoch Books
Released September 2020