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The Best Womens Travel Writing Vol 10 : True Stories from Around The World

Short stories are a wonderful way to introduce and complete an idea. This book is composed of thirty short stories based around the theme of travel.  It provides an amazing overview of ideas and perspectives. Set in many countries, some stories are written by women who were born there and have returned. Others are travellers with a passion to see and understand other lands and cultures.

Each author is a recognised writer and has a sense of purpose in retelling their story. The countries explored are varied, from Mongolia, Vietnam, Burma, Alaska, Egypt and Australia. Each traveller has an individual style and purpose.

Some write about how the location has changed them and their thinking. Others describe different cultures and their histories. For example, in Norway in 1733 ‘Birtie Olsdatter murdered her husband’. The escape, capture and execution of  Birtie still lives on in folklore and folk song and tourist sites, with varying degrees of sympathy for Birtie.

It is always rather special to read about familiar sites or experiences from one’s own travels. Sandy and I experienced the never to be forgotten drama of crossing roads in Vietnam. We were also given assistance from the locals.

The art and artists being explored in Paris brings back many fond memories. The humorous description of a mother trying to explain the magnificence of some of the works to her teenage sons is most believable.

If you are an armchair traveller, or prefer to be up and going yourself, you will enjoy these tales. They reflect not only the atmosphere of a country and customs within, but how people have similar values worldwide.

In some stories, the trip has been a life changing one where an incident or  perspective has made the author stop and rediscover her own values and boundaries.


Authored: lavina Spalding
PublisherBarnes and Noble