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The Flower Girls

Georgie, a 5 years old girl disappeared on New Year’s Eve 2016 from a motel on the Devon Cliffs, England. Around this event the author has constructed a mesmerizing, thought provoking, chilling story of two sisters –Laural (10) and Primrose (6) – dubbed by the press as The Flower Girls. They were accused of killing Kirstie Swann (2) on a warm summer’s day in 1997.

Now 19 years later Laural, convicted for the crime is applying for parole and Primrose (Rosie), considered too young to stand trial, and given a new identity, is spending time in this same motel. An ex journalist, with an eye to a good story, recognizes Hazel (Rosie) as being the younger of ‘The Flower Girls’. This has implications for both girls. Meanwhile the police are convinced that Hazel is involved in the disappearance of Georgie and that history is repeating itself.

With a number of intriguing twists and turns Ms Clark-Platts has created a page turning psychological thriller, in which she raises a number of pertinent issues. Are children born evil? Would they ever consider killing another child? Is a child murderer capable of being rehabilitated?

Long after finishing the book I found myself discussing these questions with friends. Although this is a dark novel, it engages the reader, who is left feeling quite uncomfortable about the ending.

I highly recommend this book to true crime readers as well as fiction crime readers, as it rekindles memories of the notoriously unforgettable 1993 murder of toddler of James Bulger by two boys.

Author Alice Clarke-Platt
Publisher Raven Books
ISBN 9781526602169
Distributor Bloomsbury Childrens Books
Released February 2020