Butterfly Girl

Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       November 17, 2023


Author  Ashling Kwok. Illustrations Arielle Li.

Distributor:      EK books
ISBN:                 9781922539564
Publisher:         Exile Publishers/ EK Books
Release Date:   November 2023  

Website:    https://ekbooks.org/product/butterfly-girl 

Butterfly Girl had many butterflies for friends. She had a butterfly garden and used to have tea parties surrounded by her many coloured butterflies. She only had to sing to them, and they would come. They filled her days and dreams. But one-day Butterfly Girl moved homes. Her family moved from the country to an apartment in the city. There were no friends and no butterflies. What was she to do?

Gradually she built up a balcony garden with colourful plants and shrubs. In this way she was able to meet her neighbours who were impressed with the colours of the girl’s garden. They too began to put pots and plants out on their balconies. Then one day a butterfly appeared.

At the back of the book Butterfly Girl, there is a double page spread giving tips on how to grow your own butterfly garden. It is suggested that you find a sunny spot, add colour, rocks and water and sparkle.

Olivia found she had made many friends who also enjoyed the plants and butterflies. This story is illustrated and has small amounts of texts so the young reader can enjoy the colourful pages.