Butterfly Wishes 1: The Wishing Wings

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781681193724
Publisher:         Bloomsbury USA Childrens
Release Date:   January 2018  

Website:    https://www.bloomsbury.com/au 

Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Jennifer Castle 

Wishing Wings is the first in a delightful new Butterfly Wishes series for little girls that is built around a lot of very gentle magic, and lovely storyline, combined with the tactful exploration of coming to accept some of the changes that do happen in life.

Addie and Clara and their parents have just moved to a new house in the country. Both the girls are feeling sad at parting with their friends and school mates.  Addie is sad but accepts that friends are not that far away really, but Clara is getting very cross and angry.

It is not until their little dog Pepper decides to run off to explore the woods at the back of the house, that Addie discovers the woods are the entry into wonderful world of magic butterflies, and that these butterflies need their help to rescue a New Bloom, Princess Shimmer Leaf, sister of Princess Sky Dance, before she loses all of her magic.

The sister’s enter this brave new world and learn much about courage, bravery and friendship as they help rescue Shimmer Leaf from the Blue Wasps which are seriously not nice wasps.

Delightful, dainty and totally enjoyable, this series from Jennifer Castle, with perfectly created illustrations from Tracey Bishop, will enchant and delight every little girl entering the world of chapter books.