Chicken Mission: Chaos in Cluckbridge.

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9780571298310
Publisher:         Faber
Release Date:   March 2016  


Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Jennifer Gray, illustrated by Hannah George 

A dastardly, actually several dastardly plots, are being hatched to do away with all the chickens of Cluckbridge and further afield, led by the queen of all horrors Cleopatra, the queen cobra who has once again escaped from the Zoo. She is looking for a safe place to lay her eggs, but as she is also mean and nasty, she wants to create as much trouble as possible once the eggs hatch.

Those wily foxes Thaddeus E. Fox and Snooty Bush have also created a plan so cunning that they have entered it into the Society of Annual Foxes Awards for the most Enterprising Fox. They consider that their idea is so good it will win the prize.

To their surprize,  they are in the finals and the judge is none other than Cleopatra, who, although the word on the street is that she is on a boat heading for India, she is not.

Meanwhile Professor Rooster has given his elite chicken squad a few days off from crime fighting and the three girls, Amy Cluckbucket, Boo and Ruth are excited about going home to their families for a few days. That is until Professor Rooster is informed that Cleopatra has escaped and there is a terrible plot to capture all the chickens and use them as fresh chicken for the city foxes.

James Pond is also called in to help the elite squad deal with this terrible threat, but as always things do not go according to plan, with Amy and her friends landing in terrible trouble and James Pond being hypnotised by Cleopatra.

The elite squad do eventually win the day but not completely as, although they manage to fool the dastardly plans of the Foxes, find all of Cleopatra’s eggs and recapture Cleopatra, when the Zoo keeper counts the eggs they find one missing!

Join in the fun and games as the chickens of Cluckbridge fight great evil in their own fine feathered manner, making their parents and relatives as well as Professor Rooster proud of them and their achievements.

A great, fun read for young readers who enjoy a rather zany adventure without any of the truly gruesome details, just snakes, and foxes and flying machines and sewers and…………