Clarence and the Heavenly Princess

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 978-1-921883-35-4
Publisher:         Pick-a-Woo Woo Publications
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Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Bradley Kyle/Ill: Gabriel Evans 

It’s a normal day in Heaven but when the newspaper arrives it proclaims a special event is about to happen. It is so special that the Heavenly Choir and the Heavenly Harpists, along with the Heavenly Trumpeters need to get cracking and hold special practices.

Young Clarence is somewhat confused by all this and can’t see just what the arrival of a royal visitor has to do with creating such excitement.

A  Princess indeed! Well the only Princess he knows about is the one his friend Jimmy told him about – her name is Princess Leia!

Just at the moment Clarence is finding food so much more significant in his life, much more than Princesses and has a rather odd tendency to relate every exciting fact to food – like thinking the Harpists music is so sweet that it reminds him of Golden Gate Dumplings.

His uncle Gabriel seems to be involved with this event so he decides to go and ask him just what all the fuss and practice is all about.

And so we join Clarence on his voyage of discovery as he finds his heavenly Ah Hah! moment.

Brad Kyle has once again created a gentle story on one of the greatest gifts given to all, that of the arrival of a baby, whether it be boy or girl.

He leads you through the importance of encouraging children’s understanding that all children are special and all are greeted with great joy and love.

Clarence and the Heavenly Princess makes for entertaining reading for a family with young children and a new arrival on the way. With beautiful illustrations on the Heavenly Happenings, there is something to share will all little members of your family.