Fortunately The Milk

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ISBN:                 978-1-4088-4176-1
Publisher:         Bloomsbury Children
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Janet Mawdesley

Author :  Neil Gaiman Ill: Chris Riddell 

This is a silly story. No! Better than that, this is a very, very silly story about what can happen when you run out of milk and your Dad goes out to get some more.

Anyone would think that their Dad could get the milk without getting into trouble but No, that’s not what happened to our Dad. When he went to get the milk, he had to have a really weird adventure, or so he said to us when he eventually turned up with the milk.

Our Dad told us he was abducted by aliens, fell out of their space ship and landed on a Pirate Ship, walked the plank and was rescued by a Professor Stegosaurus piloting a hot air balloon.

And that’s when things really started to get exciting because when Professor Steg and his balloon almost had our Dad home with the milk the aliens found them and grabbed Dad again along with Professor Steg and his hot air balloon and dumped them on the dish of the flying saucer!

Somehow some purple dwarfs, piranhas, a seriously upset volcano and demands to sacrifice my Dad to the volcano got mixed involved but luckily he managed to find his way back to be able to bring the milk home so we could finally have our breakfast!

We told you it was a very silly story but our Dad says it really did happen.  Don’t just believe us, read the story for yourselves, because our Dad wrote it down and then you can tell us whether you believe our Dad as well, because we are not sure!

Our Dad’s friend even drew some pictures to go with the story because he was not sure he believed our Dad either. He has left a couple of pages at the back of the book you can draw picture on too just in case he has missed anyone out of the story.