Gator Golf

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
Release Date:   2020  


Elijah & Elanora Quast

Author :   

We’ve just played Gator Golf and it is super easy to set-up and rules are not at all complicated. The counting dials are great because it’s something else that the kids get to do in an otherwise simple game. I played this with my 6 and 5 year old’s – they loved it when the ball was flung into the air after they managed to get a hole-in-one!

Getting the ball in the hole can be hard depending on the child’s age and ability – so this will be a much easier game for older children, however my 6 year old has gone back to practice several times.

Overall; Gator Golf is simple, easy and fun! Great for junior primary aged children to compete with their parents and enjoy some fun family time.

Tested for fun, skill and challenge factors by Elijah and Elanora Quast.