I Love Harriet Kippley 

Reviewed By  Janet Mawdesley       April 2, 2024


Author  Jenny Lynn Pease. Illustrations Alissia Girasole

Distributor:      Amazon
ISBN:                 979-8765922507
Publisher:         Free Spirit Publishing
Release Date:   April 2024  

Website:    https://www.amazon.com/Love-Harriet-Kippley 

Harriet Kippley’s art class was to have a party. They had to create a painting of something they loved for the event which was causing Harriet to become seriously worried. She simply did not know what to draw.

All her bright ideas had already been taken and no matter what other ideas her family came up with, they were already taken or simply far too silly. What was she to do. After much thinking she went and asked her family what it was they loved the most and that is what she painted.

Jenny Lynn Pearse has created a delightful story about loving yourself in this colourful and entertaining story of Harriet and her family, as they let Harriet know that she is the one who is special, that she is the one that they love.

Bright and colourful the artwork from Alissia Girasole captures the worry when Harriet struggles to come up with something that is suitable and different, as well as the happiness and joy when Harriet discovers answers to her worries. It also presents in a very gentle style, the important issues of learning to ask questions to try and get answers to the problem and understanding that it is alright to love yourself.

At the end of the story there is a lovely little section titled Questions and Ideas for You which helps understand the many facets of I Love Harriet Kippley while encouraging the reader to draw a picture of themselves and all the wonderful things they love about themselves.