I’ll Love You Always

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781408873328
Publisher:         Blomsbury Child
Release Date:   February 2017  

Website:    http:/www.allenandunwin.com 


Author :  Mark Sperring, illustrated by Alison Brown 

Whether it is koalas, or mice, animal mothers expressing love for their babies is a popular theme. This is definitely a book to be read together, cuddled up and cosy. The matter of fact way that mother mouse answers implied questions from her child is reassuring and solid. The rhyming text used is delightful, using concepts of time as a guide. Parents, grandparents and siblings will enjoy the easy way the language wraps around the certainty of parental love. They will all want to share in the reading of this book.

How long will I love you?

A second is too short.

A second is no time for love of this sort”.

So the story begins, and as the pages are turned, we dismiss hours, days and weeks, months, seasons and years, as being too short a time for this love to end. In fact, it is only at the end of the book, when it comes to tucking- in time, that we find out just how long mother mouse will love her baby. During these declarations, mother mouse and her child pursue many activities. They build a house of sticks, play by the river, and by the sea, and frolic among the flowers. They are accompanied by other animals, rabbits, birds and a porcupine.

The illustrations support the text and the storyline well. The colours are soft and hazy. Each double page spread uses an illustration to enhance the rhyming text. From joyous romps in the meadows, to soft evening light provided by glow worms, we feel safe, happy, and very, very loved.