Reviewed By  Grasshopper2       November 8, 2022


Author  maria Loretta Giraldo. Illustrations Nicoletta Bertelli.

Distributor:      Blue Dot Kids Press
Publisher:         Blue Dot Kids Press
Release Date:    

Website:    https://www.bluedotkidspress.com/ill-take-care-of-you 

The bright colours and simple designs that tell the story I’ll Take Care of You in this large picture book, which just sings with exuberance. The book is a delight to browse through before you start the story. When the reader begins the text, they discover that the tiny spot on the page is in fact a seed.

It has been welcomed by the sky, the earth, and the water. Each of them promises to take care of the seed and nourish it, watching as it sprouted, then grew and moved from shoot to sapling, eventually to a magnificent tree.

One day, a tiny bird landed in the tree and looked so lonely that the tree welcomed the bird and invited her to make her nest in the branches. “I’ll take care of you said the tree.” And so, a nest was built, and an egg was laid. The chick that hatched was also reassured and cared for.

When the chick was fully grown it left the nest. The tree grew beautiful apples, and these fell to the ground. The bird found a seed and reassured the seed that she would take care of it.

While the spectacular artwork enhances this story, the tale reminds us of the cycle of life, and how great things can grow from small beginnings. Caring for nature and helping each other is the message in this wonderful story.