Kid Normal

Distributor:       Booktopia/Amazon 
ISBN:                 9781408884539
Publisher:         Bloomsbury
Release Date:   August 2017  



Author :  Greg James & Chris Smith: Ill: Erica Salcedo. 

It only took a few words from Murph’s mum to change his life forever! Moving to a new suburb, they were trying to find a school for Murph to attend. His mum said at the last meeting they had at a school, “He is really flying”, which somehow did not seem to help at that school, but seemed to at this one as instantly, the Principal showed a keen degree of interest and, prepared for another rebuttal, Murph and his mum were welcomed into this new school community. They did wonder why!

 From the beginning, Murph was sure there was something very different about this school, this class and these students. It wasn’t until he was asked to, “Show us your cape,” that he really began to sense that something was very different. Many of the students had unusual talents, and many of the classes he attended were quite different to what he had experienced in other schools.

 Murph’s mum was a nurse, and she was having trouble finding a job as she was a casual worker, she could be put off at any time so Murph and his family had moved house often. Because of this and the increasing revelations being uncovered at his new school, he began to figure out that he was surrounded by trainee super heroes, and fitting in was pretty hard. Luckily he found some friends who helped him escape from the teasing and nickname of “Kid Normal,” and tried his best to fit into school life.

 Unfortunately, there was an evil genius, who decided that the entire school community would make a wonderful army if subjected to his total domination. There began some forceful deeds by the evil one, and some of the past super heroes, (who were now teachers), were struggling.

 This story is one of great imagination, and written with the aim of captivating children’s imagination. The author has used a great deal of humour in language, situations and illustrations, to captivate readers. The story includes many topical issues, such as teasing, bullying and problems with single- parent families, as well as imaginary wars between good and evil. This is just the ticket for a child with an interest in Science and one who loves humour, as well as the imaginative reader.